What Makes Modern Art Striking?

Modern Art – Knife Oil Painting

Barcelona Sunrise View Park Guell by Ana Maria Edulescu


Barcelona Sunrise View Park Guell by Ana Maria Edulescu – different view

Another form of art that can catch the eye is modern art and in this case, impressionism knife oil painting. What makes a painting striking is its use of color, texture, placement, subject matter, contrast, and more with the intention of it coming across as bold. Without an artist thinking of these visual elements, a piece of art will lack its ability to stand out. The artist that created this piece, Ana Maria Edulescu, is a unique artist because she creates her art in different angles as if they were photographs. She uses very vibrant colors and textures to show authenticity of the abstract cityscapes that she paints. She genuinely spends time to make these pieces come to life and evoke certain, maybe different emotions from those who view them. 


Photograph by Ihor Serdyukov

This piece comes from The Sunrise View Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain. The artist created her own interpretation of this park. Obviously, the setting is very colorful and warm. Edulescu could have had a very warm feeling while in the Park that made her paint it in such a colorful, contrasting way. Another artist could have had a very poor or dull experience causing them to paint it in black and white or not as textured. In John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, he says “When in love, the sight of the beloved has a completeness which no words and no embrace can match: a completeness which only the act of making love can temporari|y accommodate”(Berger 8). This explains the world of art and how you cannot always describe what you see in the real world and that sometimes makes people create this imaginary world on a canvas. A photograph can show exactly what is seen, but not necessarily a feeling. Through art, Edulescu showed her feelings from an experience at this park. This painting shows happiness without showing any people smiling; culture without music. Instead of the typical, flat art that we are used to, this brings its on unique style. When searching for art, this one instantly stood out and that is the epitome of the word striking. Without knowing where this is originally, one may get the instant feeling of this being a place they would like to visit. The first thing you might notice is the sky. It is not blue like a typical day. It is orange, and red, and yellow. The sun takes up the entire sky, really giving the impression that it is a hot, summer day and the sun is shining on the entire city. The artist says that she was impressed by the unique beauty of the city,  architecture and richness of the colors when visiting. It is clear that she was very influenced by the architecture in her art. She makes it very hard to look away from the buildings and tile work of architect Antoni Gaudi. Something that stood out to me as very unique was Edulescu’s approach on view. She created a second painting of what appears to be a zoomed in, different angled image of the first piece. Although it is unclear why she did this, her love for this scenery is obvious. It seems as though she wanted to show a closer view of her details by making this “zoomed” in version. It brings these paintings to life even more because it takes it from a stagnant image, to one that has layers and definition the closer you get. Just like a photograph can be zoomed in and taken at different angles, so can her art. It gives the viewer that curiosity and makes one really attracted to the idea itself. It is like the first image was taken standing up, while the second is sitting down, but narrowed in. That sense of realism is quite striking. The texture now adds another layer to this style of art. It takes the image from a painting to a work of art. Using a knifing technique, the artist goes around the sun in a circular motion. This adds definition and character to the sun. It helps explain just how bright it is shining. Just like the textures of the buildings in Spain, knifing provides a touch of how much texture there truly is. It makes the viewer feel as though they are really there with the buildings. There is movement in the art. If the art can evoke emotion and give the viewer an experience through a canvas, that is indeed striking.