Image Annotation


We often hear the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This means that there are several meanings and explanations for why things are interpreted differently. The creator of an image may clearly have reasons behind their artwork, but the audience may interpret It in a very different way. This artwork was created by a Polish artist named Natalia Rak. It is called Legend of Giants which is an interpretation of the story and study of “Wielkoludy” or giants. However, upon seeing this image, I interpreted it differently.

I read this image as a call for environmental activism and saving the planet. I did not know anything about the artists interpretation upon choosing this image. I first made my own interpretation before learning of the Rak’s purpose. I feel as though this was a smart idea because it took away bias and allowed me to find a personal meaning  behind it. The fact that the image lacked words allows the viewer to make a genuine connection to the image. It was fascinating to see that the artwork was purely based on giants.

Image Annotation Prezi

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